Autism Mind will change the way you think about, live with and cope with autism.

We want to help you improve your relationship with your loved one with autism by understanding how they think and learn. Understanding how autism affects the thinking and learning process is a critical component in implementing the skill building interventions to improve the lives of the entire family unit. Our primary focus is on the potential and abilities of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, "ASD".

Unfortunately, ASD is more commonly identified with the disabilities, not the abilities or possibilities. Autism Mind will take volumes of information and distill the key details that will help you formulate new or revised action plans to help your loved one with ASD.

Think Different

...will help you to understand how the Autism Spectrum Disorder brain is different, but not inferior from the so called “normal” brain. The brain of a person with autism is not only different anatomically in size and shape at different stages of development, but is wired differently as well. There are many differences currently identified through the extensive research on the brain of an autistic person.

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Learn Different a tool box designed to help you to help your loved one learn critical skills. Teaching and instruction are critical for achieving self-sufficiency, but can seem daunting if you don’t understand the learning style of the ASD mind.

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Live Different our family’s blog that details our journey with autism. My name is Ana Anselma and I have two children on the autism spectrum. We have experienced many peaks and many valleys. The amount of information on ASD can be overwhelming for anyone. Treatment options and interventions are equally daunting. The ASD journey is exhaustive one.

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